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Imperial Guard Infantry Platoon Review

Imperial Guard Infantry Platoon Continuing the Imperial Guard codex review the second troop choice we will look at is the Infantry Platoon.In a very general sense Astra Militarum armies tend to divide themselves into three categories. Blob Guard, Combi Guard and Mech Guard. The Infantry Platoon will form the back bone of your army in two of these … Continue reading Imperial Guard Infantry Platoon Review

January Pledge

So I managed to finish my January painting pledge and then some (above). I pledged of 10 Daemonettes and a Tech Priest. In addition to this I managed to weather my Aegis defence line and paint an extra 10 Guardsmen to tabletop standard.   I am notoriously lax at basing but I also managed to base the Deamonettes and a unit of Wrydvane … Continue reading January Pledge

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